Origin Of Species-Random Selection


Behind Organ Of Species we find one Scott Cloud, who plays hammond organ, mouth, saliva vs electronics and sampler. Scott has his own label Cloud Valley Recordings. That’s all I know. And of course I do know there are two tracks on his cassette. The music is quite interesting, although not easy to capture in a few words. There are loops of sound, organ like, which seem to be recorded in such a way that has some decaying effect, like an old cassette for that special effect of analogue graininess. But then it might be not, and it might just be digital. Not exactly ambient, because too ‘raw’, but certainly also not noisy or industrial. Maybe an upfront and present kind of William Basinski?

These sides rudely fold in on themselves, stubbornly skirting the hollow hum of their origins. ..A dark blend of damaged field recordings, contact mic crackle, and raw noise Notice Recordings

  1. January 6th, 2012
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