Dense Reduction-Shifting Interior


Travis Bird and Evan Lindorff-Ellery bring a pair menacing tracks to the table on Shifting Interior. A more confrontational sound occupies the A side, while the B side sits and scowls. Pro dubbed chrome tapes. 45 copies

Electronic Encounters-Music inspired by Close Encounters of the Third Kind DAS 16


Relax, and drift away to another cosmos or imagine you’re part of this classic Spielberg movie. Enjoy sounds from the likes of the brilliant Pye Corner Audio, the lovely Golau Glau or enjoy the light heartedness of the sublime Dolly Dolly.. 
Drift off to another galaxy with the dreamy sounds of Neil Fellowes or communicate with another species with the funky Sublevel, or why not Check out Devil’s Tower with the likes of Vic Mars and The Soulless Party.. All these artist’s feature and more with ELECTRONIC ENCOUNTERS… 

Heated Void-“Hiram Courtyard Apparition” ST 8


dark synth vistas that could easily be the soundtrack to an unseen  straight to video horror flick.Highly reccomended

Temporal Marauder-Temporal Marauder Makes You Feel- ST 7


Continuing the more than decent run of Spectrum Spools albums, this archival release of 70s synth/psych couldn’t come at a better time as it operates in the very centre of today’s retro wave while somehow remaining out of it, opening up new territories to explore. The thing is: Temporal Marauder never recorded as Temporal Marauder. Nor do they operate today. Indeed, project head Jean Logarin and associates Hans Schule (percussion), Llisa Zuckovich and sound engineer Max Tanguy may never have recorded with any intention to release their music in the first place. Still, the one-sheet claims, the group produced several hours of electronic music, but failed to at least give the tracks names. Let alone a name for the band.

All of which has been done now (not by Logarin, though, who prefers to remain in the dark) to prepare a selection of eight tracks for this splendid release. Apparently Joseph Raglani was given Temporal Marauder’s music by his uncle, who was in possession of tape reels that contained the only remaining copies of the recordings. Hard to believe, you say? Well, whatever, as long as the tracks are as splendid as they turn out to be. “Temporal Shift Reaction” is a wise choice as album opener, entrancing the listener by means of repetitive. “Llissa’s Lament” and “Subtractive Existence (Part 1)” are hyperactive applications of analogue smear to yet more dominating rhythms. There is too much of everything, but the results are stunningly coherent.

On the b-side, “Glances Under Glass” heaps industrial clatter and electronic warbling onto a breaking beats. Similar to the splendid Diamond Catalog album on NNA, “Temporal Marauder Makes You Feel” is, at least at times, a twisted dance album. And the album just doesn’t let the listener down. If there really is more where this came from, then let’s have it!

William Bowers-Soundtracks # 2