Ø+yn -Tentaculeando a la Puna

I’ve posted albums by these guys before  experimental music from Argentina.They have requested i post their latest along with some bandcamp info.Good stuff check it out.Apparently i don’t have the proper account to post you tube videos but just follow the links for some promo videos



“Tentaculeando a la Puna”, our tenth album. One of the most violent and vibrating works to date, released by Taping Policies (Belgium) on July 2013. 

From North to South tells the story of a group of nomad Arabians who entered America in an unknown century and met Moctezuma at the Moutains of Andes base. 

Mad goats, percussions, struggling mandolines and hoarse violins appear when you are lost at Mahoma´s Maze. 

Recorded and played by Gustavo Valerga, María Victoria Arener, Matías Zanotto, Facundo Bordas, Pablo Picco and Dionisio Pérez on 2010-11 in Córdoba, Argentina 

“Beware of the flutes. They appear on the Andes and Tuareg Desert Magician´s dirty jokes”


    • speedguru
    • September 11th, 2013

    well you tube video links worked after all live & learn

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