hey guys been a little behind the 8-ball work,personal all kinds of stuff happening i got into vintage audio & ended up buying 3 systems but reorganized a bunch of stuff & the system i had in place for blogging got messed up.Plus i’ve been buying more vinyl & vinyl is just a pain in the butt to rip & edit.Anyway i’m probably listening to a greater variety of music now not just drone weirdness though of course that will never stop.As soon as i can edit some rips i’ve got  various varieties of drone & noise,late 70’s prog/new age,, noodling synth trickery,traditional British Isles Folk,destructo punked out sounds on line with Chrome/Hawkwind at their noisiest,mutant techno,obscure 80’s minimal wave,psych sounds,horror movie soundtracks & God knows what else.I’ve really been getting down on the vinyl boxset of the soundtrack to The Man With The Iron Fists but that’s unlikely to go here unless somebody fesses up to really diggin the Wu Tang Clan.Like i said i’m not going anywhere i might just be a bit more erratic.And a HUGE shoutout to fellow blogs Musical Coma & Microphones In The Trees for posting a massive quantity of amazing sounds.I can never run out of music

    • Muffins
    • November 25th, 2012

    Yo I for one can’t wait to hear what non drone stuff you put up in the future. I love drones but I am also massively into all sorts of old and different sounds so I look forward to your future posts.

    Also I would love to hear the Man With the Iron Fists if you would be willing to put it up. I’m not ashamed to profess my love for the Wu Tang Clan and RZA in particular, I still consider his production work with Prince Paul on the Gravediggaz debut album to be some of the finest in all of rap music.

    So I guess I’m just saying its good to hear you are still going strong and I can’t wait to hear what you post next. Your blog is killer and I hope it never dies.

      • speedguru
      • November 25th, 2012

      thanks you’re very kind okay i’ll put that one on the rip list yep i’m all over the place though i have kept the blog centered on newish experimental stuff mainly cassette releases but for instance i just bought a boxset of 45 “45’s” by unknown funk & soul artists from the 60’s & 70’s.Or i’m listening to prog.Or black metal.Or minimal wave.At age 52 i still love old stuff & new.the blog is going nowhere though it may wax & wane at times

    • Ian
    • November 27th, 2012

    “destructo punked out sounds on line with Chrome/Hawkwind at their noisiest”

    Yes, please.

      • speedguru
      • January 28th, 2013

      soon 🙂

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