Riot Meadows-tEMPORAL dRIFT tAPE

the band asked to put this up for them you can listen & purchase.Heavy blurred  drones perfect for a fall evening check them out & support if you are so inclined.Here’s the description from the bandcamp page & press release

Riot Meadows is the handle for a 39-year-old journalist in a Southeastern Wisconsin tourist town who sculpts sonic environments and photo collages. ‘tdt’ is RM’s debut, recorded over a period of seven years. 

___tHE new transient luminous phenomena runs close to the skin. 

___mAJESTIC satellites that look like bushy pillars of greenery can be found sailing 20 feet above water. 

___sUCCULENT green pods appeared to respond to a light being switched on and off, to a verbal or radio message, and even to an unspoken thought in the mind. 

___a FETAL mountainscape of letters, computer printouts and inter-departmental memos emerged from the red-brown metamorphic rock and blue-black mutations of old volcanic waste. 

___tHE barren country, gilded by evening light as people raise monuments along a thin white line fading into darkness.



soundcloud audio samples

    • Sylvian
    • September 29th, 2012

    This is top shelf! Thnx.

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