conjuring innerspace



  1. thx for the kyle tapes + all the most liberal sharings on this great day of our republic. I hear freedom ringing as static encounters and i vote, “big thumbs up.” “…This land was made for…”

      • speedguru
      • July 5th, 2012

      you’re welcome i was actually home battling a nasty sinus infection so i cleaned house & blogged

        • Sylvian
        • July 20th, 2012

        Severe sinus infections can often be the result of an forced abduction. Are you experiencing any missing time? Any strange marks on your body?

        • speedguru
        • July 20th, 2012

        last time i was abducted it was a woman 7 she only took my heart.That’s why i started this blog to begin with.LOL

  2. thanks for posting my albums, i am flattered. if you could also link to the sonic meditations store as well as the experimedia, thatd be great.
    ( )


      • speedguru
      • July 6th, 2012

      no problem will do it as soon as i get home frm work

  3. @ sg- ” …This land was made for…” “…battling a nasty sinus infection.” i know the experience all too well. i recently got over one myself while on vacation in colorado’s state of recent fire.

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