the mystery tape

so for the last 3 months or so i’ve continued to order & receive lots of tapes & records but as you might have noticed i haven’y posted nearly as much.Started this blog after a breakup & it was great therapy but i’ve been much happier lately & this hasn’t been a priority.The thing is i put the tapes in storage so to speak & i have just listened to them whenever i have the time & i am always getting things from other blogs so there’s many tapes i haven’t heard yet.So i pull this tape out to listen to & i realize it has no title anywhere on it & i have no clue who i ordered it from or when it got here.But i like it so i figured what the heck maybe one of you can help me identify it.It’s back porch rustic sounding acoustic guitar pieces very laid back with some quiet drum backing.Total hippy jams.So if you know WHAT THE HELL it is let me know i’m sure i’ll figure it out eventually until then this some nice beer drinking on a hammock summer sounds.And i really wish artists would put their name/title/label anything on the freaking tape.Oh & i hope you dig the music i’m posting.I may not be quite as frequent here but i think i post things you don’t see  on other blogs (LOL i was so into my little spiel here i forgot the link! DOH!! )

    • G666
    • June 29th, 2012

    Totally appreciate what you do here, I buy about 2/3 raw black metal and 1/3 the kind of stuff you post here. This helps guide my purchases and/or makes me regret not buying something I was unsure about. Anyhow, post a rip of the Troller tape if you have it, I’m really into it and cannot rip my own copy.

      • speedguru
      • June 29th, 2012

      i think i have that Troller tape.If i do i’ll put it up

    • G666
    • June 29th, 2012

    Oh yeah, where’s the link for this? Or maybe I drank too much???

      • speedguru
      • June 29th, 2012

      uh i forgot.It’s there now LOL

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