part 1

part 2

beyond galactic sounds. over the three cassettes (c40, c44, c62) that make up systems 1, ged gets behind modular synthesizers and tape echos in order to force sparkling tones into supernovas. all of this ear juice is packaged in a triple-tall norelco case.

  1. ummmm, upticking my trans-momentary quanta for re-dna-ification to ecstatic noumenal plenumescence never cliqued quite so well (that’s the predication to, “that’s sick!”). ged gets bedder as he gets more whipped in badder. wadev’s…big thanks as always!

  2. oh, btw, any fresh Hoboh Qubes on the [event] horizon?

      • speedguru
      • April 13th, 2012

      i’ll get around to the new one.I’ve got close to 100 cassettes to rip/edit.But i’m very busy in my personal life right now so not sure when

    • Goga
    • July 12th, 2012

    repeat this link please

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