AD036: Ewphoria – ‘Ewphoria’

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“Mario Gonzalez is releasing his second, anticipated album, titled, “Ewphoria.” The April release is still reaching for the dark shades on tones of music, the album is well shaped and varied with a very Mario Gonzalez-style. Creating a new word, I don’t think “Ewphoria,” needs much explanation – Gonzalez brings an exalted feeling of disgust, with the overwhelming, euphoric sounds. Each track on the album displays its own cold side; an added distortion, a whirring feedback, a mixture of awry notes and a steady beat that has rhythm replacing any melody. The album doesn’t stray too off course in keeping to a progression and following through in each song. Overall, the album demonstrates a nature for experimentation and a diversely, yet maturing sound for the musician.” 
-Ray Jackson

    • rapoon
    • April 8th, 2012

    Thank you man for the excellent relises!

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