AD034: Birds Of Passage – ‘I Was All You Are’ (co released with Cooper Cult)

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“Starting with a slow wind and a whispering echo, Birds of Passage and I’ve Lost have put out a new mix. The dark, low, and soft collection from New Zealand and the US. The collaboration between the two musicians is uncanny and enriched with mystery. The sound is hypnotic and their chemistry is plainly magnetic. 
Through a steady stride of breezy drones, the musicians perform slow soundscapes in an austere minimalistic feel. The songs whirl and sing against the sparse instrumentation and a cold clear lyrical melody illuminates the seasoned tracks. 
Side A, “I was all you are,” is a collaboration of the two groups; Birds of Passage and I’ve Lost. The sound is philosophic in nature poetic in texture. After a few field recordings, simple melodious music and the lilting ambience, the album moves into two shorter solo songs, “Never Said Goodbye” and “Bullrush the Sun,” divided in between the two groups. 
A charming course through dissonance and passion, the music creates that mysterious ‘inner peace.’ The sound comes off as dark, and even melancholic, but the feelings it produces grow in a calm and untroubled composure. A new sensation is brought to light and we wait to see what comes next from the two. Get a good listen and enjoy the experience – its the new sounds from Birds of Passage and I’ve Lost.” 
-Ray Jackson

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