AD032: Radiator Hospital / Fred Thomas – ‘Welcome To The Jungle’

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“The improbable possibilities. The underestimated guesses. The indeterminate proven things. There are many descriptions for our nervous romances, but too few ways to actually talk about them. Radiator Hospital and Fred Thomas are both that kind of indescribable mystery. Their new album, “Welcome to the Jungle,” finds a deep beauty with fuzzier and warmer guitars, a somber hollow sounding piano, and accompanied with the lyrics that still profess the confessions of impassioned, searching hearts. Each side is recorded the same way, with a lo-fi hum, a mic on the instrument and a shoveling of feet quietly in the background.

For listeners that recognize when the melancholy can become sweet, or when the heavy-hearts can find a peaceful release, I’d recommend this one. Radiator Hospital has a way of bringing smiles to those lonely ghosts in the past , while Fred Thomas has a way of bringing them all together, hand-in-hand. If you’re in what people call love, or even trying to be; pick up “Welcome to the Jungle” – Fred Thomas and Radiator Hospital will help you through many things.” 
Ray Jackson  

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