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as much as i like Mediafire i’ve seen a couple bloggers give up lately cause media fire suspended their accounts.In the last month or two i’ve had a couple artists bypass me & report them directly to media fire.It’s their right as things are now so the question is how many strikes until media fire is out.Cause i don’t plan on reuploading the entire blog.Is it better just to skip to Deposit Files,Zippyshare,Uploaded to or something else now & just avoid that scenario? Thoughts,suggestions?  You know before i piss off at lead 75% of the people who stop by here.And yes if you’re one of those folks who thinks blogging is evil & we’re all copyright violating pirate scumbags don’t waste your time trolling here cause that ship has sailed.

    • G
    • March 28th, 2012

    Please no Uploaded to, people in the US cannot even access anything on it. Also, Depositfiles is super slow so maybe only that as a last resort. Zippyshare is easily the best choice of those you listed.

      • speedguru
      • March 28th, 2012

      Uploaded To is now available in the States.Guess they changed their mind.I used a proxy server for awhile it worked but was slower.Jumbofiles works very well too & you don’t need an account for it to work

        • Cro-Magnolia
        • March 28th, 2012

        Mediafire is going to be more vigilant since they’re on US soil. If you already have strikes against you, you might as well move. You could password protect and encrypt archives but since you’re already on their radar that would probably look more suspicious. Uploaded doesn’t seem to give a damn what’s going on. So, I’d say them or Jumbofiles, though honestly I don’t know that much about them. I just know whenever I download from Jumbo I usually get good speeds. Just please not Deposit files. They suuuuuccck

        You’re wrong about search engines not indexing pictures. Image search is one way I find albums. I took a quick look and it seems like most of your images wouldn’t come up in an obvious search with the titles they have. I did find at least one that had the album name as image title.

        Do you have search engine indexing turned off? It doesn’t mean they won’t but it’s better than having it turned on, I guess.

        For sites that don’t have unlimited downloads, you can always do an IP change, either manually or with something like JDownloader.

    • mateo
    • March 28th, 2012

    mediafire is still my preferred host but if they’re causing you problems, switch it up.

    in addition to the ones you mentioned, filefat and jumbofiles are good alternatives

      • speedguru
      • March 28th, 2012

      yes i agree about the media fire.So easy.I’m thinking bout jumbo files.Filefat really pisses people off.LOL

  1. mediafire doesn’t limit parallel downloads which is why i like it so much, especially when you go on one of yr very much enjoyable posting sprees! 🙂 just sayin.

      • speedguru
      • March 28th, 2012

      i know i know i download also & i much prefer media fire.BUT i’d hate to see the account locked & all those files unavailable.Another option is to quit posting artist/title 7 just put the album cover up.Search engines don’t find pictures & the folders are always tagged with oddball names

        • Cro-Magnolia
        • March 28th, 2012

        Whatever you do, that’s probably a good idea with no artists/titles. Do like on Akteon and just name the posts random things. I just hope you don’t go full fledged and do away with the summaries. That is so boring. Again just don’t mention the artist or title in the summary.

      • i guess zippyshare doesn’t limit parallel downloads either. if you do end up doing away with the artist/album titles (which is probably a good idea), it would be great if you continued with the summaries like cro-magnolia mentioned. bottom line though: THANK YOU. i really appreciate the time and energy you put in to sharing this wealth of sounds with us. it’s so enriching and exciting.

    • Big Dub
    • March 28th, 2012

    Mediafire always wins for ease of use, but understandable that you’d be concerned.

  2. Firstly, big thanks for all your energy in maintaining 1 of my 2 favorite blogs (@azu-big wink’nod au privé). (If not going private at this late date) akteon’s been very successful with his way so his is a successful model worth emulating regarding labeling. Specific case in point: This site has appeared #1 or 2 when googling w/ “rar” in search field. Surprising. Upload2 has been working for me here in the HIstate808(USA). Depositfiles is almost always busy–“arghh” sez da pirate.)

    • longassballs
    • March 29th, 2012

    You could either use a multiple upload site such as the one Music-Is-Amazing has switched to, mirrorcreator, of which mediafire is an option to upload to (and hence could then save file to your account).

    Or create a second mediafire account that you only upload to and keep completely private. Once you have uploaded a file, use the “add to my account” feature to add the uploaded file to your first original MF account creating a second link, not associated with your private MF account, which can now be shared freely. If a link or even account is taken down, you now have a back up.

    Each is only slightly more time consuming than at present. Only problems could be if MF link one account to the other, or indeed of the MF goes the way of megaupload.

    • Jac
    • March 29th, 2012

    Personally I always listen to the albums before downloading, so I like having the artist names, but I suppose I could always just download everything and sort through it in iTunes. I just looked at that akteon site, and it seems that if you just post links to the info then it won’t show up if someone googles the album. Certainly the main reason you have people reporting you to mediafire is that you often show up in the first page when I google the artist and album name, especially if mediafire or blogspot is thrown in there. That said, google is how I found out about your wonderful blog, and you will be restricting yourself for new readers. There is no good answer, but good job thinking ahead and thanks for asking our opinions.

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