Simple Minds- 1980/1981/1982/1983

Some of the people who follow this blog might be surprised to find this here but i’ve always been a huge fan of post punk,psych & more & lately i’ve been getting a little bored with mellow ambience as winter turns into spring.So there may be more variety turning up on the blog as i listen to other things though of course the focus on the blog will remain mostly on the underground.Once upon a time before these guys sold out they were a great underground post punk band.I know i was there.These are high quality live recordings from that era.the 1980 show is fun as they cover Iggy & The Velvets & by 83 you can hear them heading towards there inevitable destiny as a poor man’s U2.I gave these to a friend who asked & thought why not put them on the blog? There’s no art so to speak so i just included the cover of their latest box set comprised of this material.My personal favorite is the 81 show on the Sons & Fascination tour .

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