ANA sees the multi-instrumentalist working very much in isolation, crafting minimalist compositions that are an exploration of the way we see and interpret the world, an attempt to create sonic systems based on visual patterns and structures.This obsession with form and tone manifests itself in the use of tuning forks, which Manasseh has used in his work for a decade or more. Their appeal lies in their precise, simple nature, forcing you to think about resonance on a fundamental level, the pure expression of cause and effect. The subtle use of field recordings on several pieces comes from a fascination with immersing oneself in sound and the intense desire to connect with the systems inherent in our world

The exploration of systemic music production has lead to truly beautiful compositions borne of repetition and the subsequent subversion of order; glistening melodies, outbursts of joyful chaos and the vibrant sounds of everyday life captured on tape. It is an album that is as likely to appeal to those taken with the arpeggioed soundscapes of Emeralds and Mountains as the minimalism of  Elaine Radigue or Pauline Oliveros 

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