Various-Tusco/Embassy Christmas Tape 2011

so this post became an interesting point of contention while i was out of town & unable to access the blog.Want to buy it go here.


20 Tracks, 90+ minutes,  Released in conjunction with the Annual Wassail party in rural Ohio on December 23rd, 2011. w Quicksails, Headboggle, Trogpite, Radio People, Alley Vision, Leslie Keffer, Outerspace, Coagulator, DPI, Watchword, DQMW, Touchscreen, Collapsed Arc and more.I tried a couple times but the track breaks are impossible to find so i just settled for editing it to a side 1 & side 2.Anybody wants to edit into individual tracks i’m posting the track list.

A1Watchword –UntitledA2Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman –xXx Mas (For Vin)A3Touchscreen –Visual MatrixA4Dead Peasant Insurance –Giving Up The GoatA5Trogpite –Nature MatrixA6David Russell Snake, The –Halo(s)A7Quicksails –Shorter StepsA8Moth Cock –No Love For MathA9Headboggle –UntitledA10Coagulator –Transient Shot And Killed By BART CopsA11Radio People –A Gift Nearest To Whole (Accordingly)A12Collapsed Arc –Christmas Eve LoopB1Alley Vision –Top HatB2Outer Space –1990B3Leslie Keffer –Caves, FinallyB4Howland/Russell –Live At Final Diamond ShinersB556K (2) –While I Was LucidB6Tusco Terror –SShock CollarB7Hot Air Balloon Ride –Eddie Sledder And St. WeilandB8Collapsed Arc –Christmas Day Loop

  1. buy this, it was increadibly expensive to produce. dont rip a dog off…

    • m
    • March 20th, 2012

    your releases surely dont cost you much for what they are

    • speedguru
    • March 20th, 2012

    I bought the tape.I know some people don’t buy anything & only download.I do both.Some artists/labels don’t want their music offered at all some offer me the music to put up.I’d like to think I feature artists/labels that only get heard because I posted it here & some folks will buy either the tape I feature or will seek out other releases either past or the future.But many many won’t but I assume they wouldn’t buy it regardless of whether I posted it or not.So in my perfect world I’m offering free advertising that will benefit the artists not just posting a link that will cost them sales.The truth is probably in between.I respect all positions on the subject.But I know I only started buying all this music cause I was exposed to it thru blogs like mine.

    • mateo
    • March 20th, 2012

    you should probably honor the label’s request and take the links down

    • anon
    • March 21st, 2012

    quote:” I’m offering free advertising that will benefit the artists not just posting a link that will cost them sales”

    by posting without permission on a wordpress blog?.. um, should anyone thank you for this “free advertising”.. couldn’t the label just start their own wordpress if they thought this benefited them?

    this is wishy washy at best, the label has requested you to take the files down yet you drag your feet.

    the release is still “in-print”… and available… you are breaking the already shaky “tenets” of this blog-posting frenzy land that we live in.
    why not post releases that are hard to find or out of print?


    • Anon
    • March 22nd, 2012

    Hi, I wanted to apologize for my previous comment. I’m not apologizing for what I said. I’m sorry for my lack of capital letters, run on sentences, and excessive use of quotation marks. It could have been worse but my friends have told me how irritating my constant air quoting is. I’m working on it.

    I will say, though, that I was able to go down to my local mall and pick this up. Also, I saw an ad for it while flipping through Rolling Stone. Obviously, you should dig deeper for your posts.


    • speedguru
    • March 22nd, 2012

    “no regards for rules except those I make up as I go along” .It’s on the top of the front page of the blog.Thanks for the input though 🙂

  2. I’m not into music downloading at all. That is one of the reasons why I use the formats that I do for my label (tapes and LPs etc)… In order to make it more difficult to share….I havent sold a copy of this tape that I can directly attribute to this post. but regardless I hope you all like it and consider buying a copy to have the object… Its cheap and it REALLY helps me to keep making tapes… I spent a lot of money out of pocket for this project and if there is to be any other worthwhile stuff to come out on my label I need to start getting a little bit back. It’s always been very hard to make anything back and I’ve never broken even…

    So i hope this free download serves as a better “advertisement” and i start getting some cool people making some small orders from my site.

    Distros wont even carry a majority of what i release. :/

    keep it real

  3. also i never asked for yah to take the download down… just that people buy it.

    • speedguru
    • April 2nd, 2012

    i know Nathan.I knew what you were saying.As i said i’d like to think it leads people to your tape & label but i know there are those who just download & don’t buy anything.I’d had some artists & labels ask me to put some up their stuff up.I did buy your tape which i enjoyed immensely .And i don’t want to take potential sales from you so i won’t put it back up cause i do try & respect the individual artists viewpoint on it.I certainly have no ill will about it & plan on continuing to purchase things from your label.

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