Sylvester Afang II-Perzixche Tapijten

features 6 super heavy, densely extended jams, deliciously tribal, quasi religious, utterly whacked out pieces that eternally build and pound at the senses. High on lush drones, pounding shamanic rhythms and eastern tinged instrumentation with flittering moogs adding to the “middle of the woods” textures throughout. Recorded on an old farm in Sint-Pauwels (between Gent and Antwerp), in one take with no overdubs, the band strived for a more Eastern vibe and approach than previous releases, which partially explains the albums title. 

    • varulven
    • March 13th, 2012

    thanx a lot for this one!

    • pslim-
    • March 13th, 2012

    oh wow, thnx- i actually have it on order but am very happy to be able to get a preview- i am very appreciative of the work you do with this blog- not many out there anymore with the variety you have- thnx again-

  1. some of the hottest anfang jams yet! thanks!

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