With their recordings: Franklin Teagle and Ryan McGill, as always, become mediums of the stars, channelled by forces beyond our grasp of reality and regularly practice the true meaning of meditation through their impromtu gatherings, the result…some of the most beautifully intense hypnotic melodies comprehensible, 

  1. thanks! i just got the whole batch today and they all look fabulous! hope you got the whole batch so you can post the hunting rituals tape, as i will not be able to.

      • speedguru
      • March 12th, 2012

      yes i’ve had them for a couple weeks at least.I have been overwhelmed with stuff i bought i’m guessing i have a backlog of some 100 cassettes & about 25 vinyl albums & i don’t like to post everything from one batch all at once i like to space them out plus i want the labels to get an opportunity to sell their product.And of course i like about 100 different styles of music so this is just one tangent i’ve chosen to blog in but i’ve kind of been rocking out in the car lately 🙂 They’ll all get up eventually!

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