SSPS-Highly Sensitive Safeguards Secure

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Highly Sensitive is an cunningly progressive and meditative dance record, seamlessly connecting the primal force of his beats’ rhythmic velocities with the interstellar transcendence of his percolating army of synths. Invokes the ostensibly disparate yet notably interconnected sonics of predecessors like Cabaret Voltaire, Juan Atkins, Kraftwerk, Conrad Schnitzler, and Kurtis Mantronix with remarkable vehemence

    • euro
    • April 11th, 2012

    Great. But I missed it.
    is it possible to re up?
    Thanks a lot!

      • speedguru
      • April 11th, 2012

      actuallyy i went thru the first 22 pages of the blog & all those files are available to reup i just will do it as asked cause of time considerations.Took me about 3 hours just to get them in one big folder.So i’ll be happy to

      • speedguru
      • April 11th, 2012


        • euro
        • April 11th, 2012

        thanks speedguru

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