Misner Space/Radika Quansoon-Split


This collection of six Canadian all-stars pull together some midnight mysticism.  A dark circle of fog-shrouded campfire where drone offerings ascend to the heavens like smoke to the night sky.  Pure spiritualism that rattles your soul and delivers you into an evolutionary dimensional transition full of unpredictable states and circumstances.  This bunch is definitely playing with traces of magic and hints of unspoken supernaturalism.  Pure shifting, meandering, rising guitar reverb liturgies that are as ethereal as they are numinous.  Many different alterings, liberations, and searches within these sidelong experimentations.  All hidden within unknown forests, where the trees don’t speak of the rituals performed therein.  Far away from the curious observer, concealed from the obtrusive nay-sayer, buried from the wildest imaginings of the casual population.  This tape exposes the nighttime practices that are done in secret.  They initiate you into the inner-circle and call you into participation.  Relinquish yourself; sacrifice all that you are to this aural creature that promises you nothing but divine fulfillment.

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