Jonas Reinhardt-The Prime Revealer

Jesse Reiner’s San Franciscan Kosmische four-piece follow-up their excellent RPG mission ‘Music For The Tactile Dome’ with a canny two tracker for Great Pop Supplement. The group, now expanded to include Damon Palermo (Mi Ami/Magic Touch) Diego Gonzales, and Phil Manley (Trans Am/The F*cking Champs) go deep with their searching A-side ‘The Prime Revealer’, propelling us into a milky cosmos of spooling arpeggios, distant star scream synths and proto-Techno pulses with wide-eyed but almost pop-focussed intent. The flipside is more mysterious, widescreen and exploratory; sentinel synths scan endless martian terrain while their swelling atmospheric mix leaves us feeling light headed and floating.Two deep trip kosmische pieces, heavy on rich ‘Cyborg‘-esque swells and pulsing drones, expansive simmer and swelling kraut soundscapes aimed for the stars. Hypnotic, warm and melodic with a celestial eeriness. Shades of Froese and Schulze figure for sure, with passing nods also perhaps to some of the later Sky oeuvre; “Sonnenlicht”, “Synthesist”, later Cluster etc… 

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