Giant Claw-Clash Of Moons

imaginary soundtracks to vintage black-and-white space travel flicks twisted in a funhouse mirror and blasted through a wind tunnel. Seemingly empty constructions of beeping background tones and the rhythm of idle flight machinery escalate into a frantic, rapid paced voyage on their way to the closing title track: a climactic opus of planetesimal proportions that rises, falls and nearly crash lands several times over its nearly 18-minute span.

  1. Hi, could you please remove this download link and replace it with I released this album on my label and it’s still readily available from both Giant Claw and I.

    It would be cool if there was more information beyond my description that I have on the site, like your own personal thoughts or a review or something- not just for this but for other things on here as well.

    Thanks a lot,

      • speedguru
      • May 7th, 2012

      actually I believe the download link is no longer active.Thanks for the input when I am currently not in town but will put your link when I return

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