Black Eagle Child/Excavations Split

Black Eagle Child masterfully owns his side with some very commanding musicianship on the strings.  Michael Jantz fluidly flows through each of the four tracks with some absolutely stunning guitar wizardry.  His sound continues to be very graceful and pastoral.  With his strums, plucks, and picks he guides us through a lucid countryside display and fills our ears with a timeless and luxurious brilliance.  He is truly an artist in every sense of the word.

Excavations guards his side with an impenetrable euphoria of psychedelic whirlwind that’ll make your head spin.  It’s buttressed by some veiled vocals and supportive drums.  It then collapses into a dilapidated dissolution of final gasps as it reconfigures itself into harrowed vocals and a thick a churn of reverb, biding ado before its final departure.  Then, a most pleasant thin fog line and string of chords with some spoken lyrics enter in for a traditional song structure that is as surprising as realizing you put two different kinds of shoes on this morning.  It sounds like guests join to backup the chorus  

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