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there seems to be lots of doom & gloom out there in blogsville.I can’t say i don’t understand.Right now 3 of my favorite blogs i go to for new releases are pretty much useless to me cause they only upload to Fileserve/Filesonic/Uploaded.That means that i as a citizen of the U.S. am flat out fucked unless they decide to change services.Several blogs i frequent now have had their entire backlog of posts rendered useless.That’s happened to me also.I guess some people are just deleting their blogs.I wanted to assure you i have no plans to do that unless WordPress kicks me out which worries me a little cause i’ve had some issues signing in on other sites using wordpress.But other than that i figure we’ve still got Deposit files,Mediafire, & bunches more obscure services whose business will surely increase because of the reaction from the major players.The most annoying thing besides all my posts being killed is that these services aren’t free so the money i have put into the 4 sites that went down apparently i won’t get back.that’s really irritating.maybe they are pirates after all.And i have noticed these services are starting to charge more cause i guess they feel like they can in the present circumstances.But what the hell this isn’t the first time sharing files has been threatened this has been going on for years & probably isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

All the links on pages 1-5 & 53 back work fine & i’ve even upgraded the sound on some of them.I might hold off for a minute reposting to make sure media fire doesn’t die but until then i plan on doing what i do.In the meantime where the hell am i going to grab new albums?

    • redL
    • January 22nd, 2012

    i wrote you a huge comment but it’s not here yet. I am hoping that it will show up so i don’t have to remember what wrote.

    • redL
    • January 22nd, 2012

    2nd time it didn’t post. maybe because of all what it thought were “misspellings”. go to for my comment to you. Maybe this will work.

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