Various-A Phase We’re Going Through

my vinyl rip

an album of songs which were drenched in phasing at the time, or have been now, or should and could have been, in our opinion.
Orchestral pop, freakbeat, pure psychedelia, acid-rock and more get the Fruits de Mer treatment and come out sounding all groovy-like.
It’s our first album and, of course, it’s only available on coloured vinyl – and it’s limited to 500 copies in a psyched out sleeve – AND we’ve already sold over 450!
Full track listing:

The Luck of Eden Hall ‘Love is Only Sleeping’, (original by The Monkees)

Permanent Clear Light ‘In the City’, (The Who)

Sidewalk Society ‘Red Chair, Fade Away’, (The Bee Gees)

Rob Clarke and the Wooltones ‘Mind of a Child’, (Clouds)

The Chemistry Set ‘Silver Birch’, (Del Shannon)

The Swims ‘My Clown’, (July)

Zombies of the Stratosphere ‘London Social Degree’, (Billy Nicholls)

The Campbell Stokes Sunshine Recorder ‘Baby, Your Phrasing is Bad’, (Caleb)

The Marshmallow Staircase ‘Plastic Fantastic Lover’, (Jefferson Airplane)

Geese ‘Point Me At The Sky’, (Pink Floyd)

Cranium Pie ‘Little Wing’, (Jimi Hendrix)

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