Various-Do Not Adjust Your Set (Fruits De Mer TV Themes) Repost

do not

so i’m on a roll with the  new record player.this sounds amazing now.Before it sounded small & tinny.My personal rip

A. Great theme music that sums up what watching TV in the sixties and the early seventies was all about.

Now Fruits de Mer gathers those themes up, lovingly places them in the hands of some occasionally-deranged minds and comes up with a 7″ ep designed to bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face on these cold, winter nights (look, it’ll be cold and wintry before we manage to press this up, right?).
Join us in a bit of self-indulgence, as we recall the days when BBC2 was a twinkle in BBC1′s eye, Pan’s People were the closest TV got to pornography and the mysterious white dot on the television lasted longer than most of the programmes. 
FdM sets out to prove nostalgia is what it used to be with a mix of the odd, the inspired and the oddly-inspired. As featured by Stuart Maconie on his always-excellent BBC Radio 6 programme, ‘Freak Zone’

Who had the best themes – BBC or ITV….? 

(BBC side of the ep)
1. ‘Robinson Crusoe’ by Frobisher Neck
2. ‘White Horses’ by Saturn’s Ambush
3. ‘Sky at Night’ by Rob Clarke and the Wooltones

(ITV Side of the ep)
4. ‘Ace of Wands’ by Owlsey and the Pusscat
5. ‘Captain Scarlet’ by The Ohm
6. ‘Fireball XL5′ by Elks Skiffle Group

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