Cranium Pie-Mechanisms Pt.1


on clear red vinyl limited to around 400 copies & already on sale on Discogs for over $200.This is my personal rip

‘Mechanisms’ is a concept album, i asked Rob what the concept is/was, and he said, “From the radioactive dust of a post apocalyptic mecha-tyranny, simple lifeforms strive to fulfill the wishes of ‘the blinking eye’, and create the ultimate homunculus, destined to fight for the right of the organisms”, but Rob’s not been well lately; basically, it tells the story of a war between robots and crayfish (we’re supporting vthe crayfish). What’s more, this is only the first part of the fishy saga, Part 2 will arrive next year, at which point all will become clear (probably).
I’ve been listening to the album on repeat i think anyone who likes classic prog bands such as Nektar and Caravan will just love it. I can also hear 70’s Pink Floyd in there, maybe King Crimson, The Nice, Triumvirat, even early Orb! The band say their influences include Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, the Canterbury sound, 60s/70s psychedelia and progressive rock in general – but only Cranium Pie could pull it all together and create their own sound.

A veritable all-you-can-eat cornucopia of psychedelia saturated in a long tradition of pioneer freaks like Hawkwind, Floyd, Arthur Brown,…but sits with modern fractured like-minded outfits like equally, though differently, deranged Human Eye. There’s some mutated crustacean post-apocalyptic mechanized concept running through it, but the less said the better. Figure it out on your own. Or don’t. Maybe we can’t know it that intimately. Might not want to. All valid ways to enjoy their modern nostalgia tinged insanity. And there are many more ways and trips to take on this wigged out masterpiece as we wait for part 2 to materialize, probably out of a writhing mass of who knows what. It’s a constant stream churning over and over; oscillating, trippy instrumentation, baked distorted vocals and spoken breaks, levitating keys, and just about everything else you could want for your freak out.

    • piassou
    • January 10th, 2012

    Hello there! Thxs for your share, really crazy posts!! The cranium is fantastic, the other fruits de mer’s stuff too (a good discovery for me).


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