A warm, filled with rich tones, re-issue of one of the earliest tapes of Charlatan. After the Triangles Lp on his own Digitalis label this is Brad Rose’s second vinyl release under his new solo project moniker. Synthclouds and starchords on a carpet of white hiss.

Brad Rose is one of the most active personas in the current adventurous contemporary music scene. As label honcho of Digitalis records / limited and online magazine Foxy Digitalis he’s constantly in search of exciting new groups/artists. Add to that numerous solo and collaborative projects and you can rightly consider him as one of the spearheads of the experimental underground scene of the last five years.

This release marks one of the highlights from his output last year, now rightly re-issued on heavy vinyl with two bonus tracks! Vinyl Rip

    • speedguru
    • January 9th, 2012

    i never got this one Borxes.And i know you’re on Soulseek so i’m guessing this is a hard one to find

  1. Yeah:), just asked cause I really like Charlatan, and buying music right now is impossible for me..Thanks for vinyl issue, is a great record:)

    • speedguru
    • January 9th, 2012

    i’ve got plenty of money to buy stuff but i may slow down as some other projects i’m doing require cash investment.I wish more people would buy the vinyl stuff cause i like it but at $15-20 per record it’s ridiculously expensive.And i don’t think it sounds that great.Too many pops & crackles.Hey there’s a guy on Soulseek “Selektion” who has great stuff but now i can’t access his files.I don’t see the point of being on Soulseek & then being a jerk about who downloads your files.I could care less people can take as much as they want

  2. Hmm, I’m always vinyl lover:)
    So about ‘Selektion’, he don’t speak so much I think..I dont have problems with downloads from him..I have a super speed:)
    So, you can make somethin’ like wishlist – I think I’ll have it most of the albums..Just use Akteon box for wishes,if you want – I’ll do it for you:)
    First time I hear about somebody have a problem to download from Selektion..

    • speedguru
    • January 9th, 2012

    i keep getting an error message when i try to access his files.I like searching his stuff cause he has lots i’ve never heard of.Maybe i downloaded too much from him & he got annoyed.I have a really really fast internet connection & computer & i get carried away.And like you said he has super speeds.That’s one reason i’m able to put up so much music cause i can load it up quick.I’ve got about 40 cassettes on the floor waiting to be ripped plus about 100 from last year but i’m having fun with my new record player so it might take awhile

  3. I’m glad for you about your new TT 🙂 Im using an old Thorens and right now I need a new needle..And new work, new money, new life, and new lp’s 🙂
    Here is a shit from 22 years..
    Selektion have a rule, I think – only 2 albums at time..I think Im at his userlist, so this does not apply for me..Next time try to search somethin, then put the album/track on a download for you from him, and check – maybe you are banned..and that’s why you get error when you try to access his files. And we goin to speak again..

    • FOX
    • July 18th, 2012

    could you re-upload this album, please?

      • speedguru
      • July 19th, 2012

      yes probably be over the weekend

  4. also looking for this. thnks

      • speedguru
      • July 20th, 2012

      i’ll do all repost request Sunday guys.Thanks

      • speedguru
      • July 21st, 2012

      it’s up

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