Favorite Tape Purchases 2011 Part 1

I’m not even going to attempt to make a top 20 list or anything.I couldn’t begin to do that.And i heard a HUGE amount of stuff besides what i bought thanks to Akteon,The Radiant Now & more.But this year i started to buy loads of tapes spurned on by a breakup of all things.I got a few vinyl things also but honestly i prefer tapes.Anyway this may look like lots of tapes & it is only part 1 but total maybe it’s a 4th or 5th of what i own now.These may not all be 2011 releases either it’s just what i bought & heard in 2011.I’ve still got about 40 cassettes under my desk i still haven’t heard yet so i guess those go on my 2012 lists.A bunch of these are available on my blog just use the search function.Many of them can still be purchased so if you like having the artifact just gouge it.Part 2 will be up in a day or so

Neon Pulse-Field Recordings From The Heart Station

Millions-Shredded Heaven

Spacekom-Voyage Deux

Nodolby-Green Mine

Super Minerals-Contacteer

A Full Cosmic Sound-S/T

Earn-A Following Shadow

The Fractal Skulls-II

Tarpa Jigme-Nada Tarangini

Navel-Ambient 4 Luneberg Health

Innercity-Boy In Forest Trying To Wire The Earth


Lunar Miasma-False Memories

Coupler-America In The Golden Age Of Electronics

Geoffrey Sexton-Night City Undertow

Night Travelers-Profane Illuminations

Hobo Cubes-Center 4 Mentalists


Zonal Taste Band-The Beast

Mpala Garoo-Sur Satori

Water Lily Juaguar-Voyage Of Hope,Voyage Of Discovery


Applehead-Crepaxian Interligne Mixtape

No Mind Meditation-Molecular Clock

Event Cloak-Physical Computing

Pan- Discovery Plane


Sparkling Wide Pressure-Sing What You Remind Me Of

Pendulums-Circular Energies

Soothsayer-Inflow Illusion

Sky Stadium-Carpet RideDerek Rogers-The Exhaustion Of Emotion

No Go Ritual-S/T

Harpoon Pole Vault-Outside This Area

Sparkling Wide Pressure/Rambutan-Split

Orbless-Spinning Liquid Mirror

Sundrips-One Hundred Hints

Rainbow Valley & Varropas-Split

JLK-Cold City Country

Ampax Catalog-DSR Slit

Tongues Of Mount Meru-Hiranyagarbha

The Second Family Band-Twelth Night Reunion

Serfs-Sha La La La Later On

Bastion Void-Horicon Sketches

Spirit Catepeti-Lai Khur

M Geddes Grengas-This Could Be The Last Time

Innercity-Not From Here

Pink Desert-Day Time Series

Ghostrider-Light Pulse

Knit Her-Living Midnight At The Harvest Abbey

Harpoon Pole Vault-Bipolar Adjustment Procedure

Synaptic Foliage-S/T

M Geddes Grengas-Tetragrammaton

Quicksails-Silver Balloons In Clusters

Lunar Miasma-Existence


Cloudland Ballroom-Infinite Mind

Various-Neon Marshmallow Music Festival 2011 Cassette Companion

Human Hands-Palus Nectaris

Christopher Merritt-Crown Heights

Compass Hour-S/T

Drunjus-Celestrial Realms

Nova Scotian Arms & Permanent Bedhead-Split

Ollie Aarni-Ylitse

Mohave Triangles-Eternal Light Of The Desert Plateaus

Brainworlds/Expo 70-Abnormal Vergence

Reedbeds-Swells On High

Napolian /Computer Dreams-Split

Secret Birds-Moon Clouds Infinite

Nzambi-Lesser Utopias

Camden-Living Image

Kraken mare-S/TLee Noble-Persona

Mattress-Lonely Souls

Roy Orb DMT-Doctor Of Metaphysical Healing

Invisible Path-Hermetic Dreamscapes

Andreas Brandal-Parts Of The Puzzle

Mark Bradley-Deliver Me

Faxmaskin/Ferla-Hanstaur/Entre Ondas Imovels

Summer Tales/Olli Aarni-Split


  1. nice list. many of my favs on here.

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