Yves De Mey-Counting Trigger

link removed by artists request

Two twelves, six tracks of minimalist electronic sound design by Yves De Mey. Techno heads might best know Yves’ work from his Sendai collaborations with fellow Belgian national, Peter Van Hoesen, but he’s also got a solid body of solo releases available on labels such as Line and Knobsounds. Following Bob Ostertag and Rrose’s modular motions on ‘Motormouth Variations’, ‘Counting Triggers’ is reflective of Sandwell Districts’ increasingly esoteric vectors, and would probably be more suited to soundtracking contemporary dance choreography than any peaktime dancefloors. It’s not strictly club material, let’s put it that way. The aesthetic is more comparable with Frank Bretschneider’s Komet recordings or Ilpo Vaisanen’s Piiri project; all clinical wave-shapes and filigree digital rhythms programmed with a subtle appreciation of physical dynamics and diffuse spatial rendering. Recommended for the audiophiles and the ultra-modern techno fetishists, then.

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