Lea Cummings-Revelations From The New Silence Vol. II

silence 2.zip

 Lea endlessly and hypnotically repeats elegantly simple ideas, but those ideas are bolstered by many tracks of subtle hissing, pulsing, shimmering, and oscillating frequencies.  It’s a pretty great trick and Cummings executes it brilliantly and with a surprising amount of variety.  I especially loved the ghostly (and Blade Runner-inspired?) “Tanhauser’s Gate,” but the whole album is extremely strong.

The only aberration is the closing piece, “The Final Knowledge,” which is a rather harsh and disquieting variation on the template established by the other four songs.  It’s kind of brutal way to end such a mesmerizing album, but I suspect Cummings had thematic reasons for including it: the whole album feels like it could be a metaphor for a search for meaning and enlightenment, but “The Final Knowledge” seems to indicate that there isn’t any to be had  

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