Simon Scott-Bunny

Formerly a member of shoegaze legends Slowdive, and more recently collaborator with the likes of The Sight Below and Isan’s Anthony Ryan, Scott is a veteran and accomplished sound sculptor, but this new record finds him leaving behind pure ambience for something with more direction, more design, more bite. Opener ‘AC Waters’ is a formidable statement of intent: a terrifically tactile tapestry of ritualistic pipes, cinematic strings, plaintive acoustic guitars, drones and restless percussive momentum. Throughout the album there’s a running theme of minimalist midnight jazz a la of Kreng or Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore, with plenty of lugubrious double-bass, shuffling snares and distant horns. Nor, though, is Scott afraid to get his rock on, as on ‘Drilla’ or ‘Radiances’, a heavily reverbed wig-out that starts off like something off Verve’s Storm In Heaven or even a Slowdive record, before unspooling into a heavy, looming cloud of static – this is the direction that 90s shoegaze might’ve gone, had the technology and maturity been there. ‘Black Western Lights’ is pure doom, ‘Honeymoon’ promises – or at least hints at – redemption, all tremulous, GAS-esque string loops and pulsations, before ‘Gamma’ returns us to the sub-heavy, scorched earth audio-scenario for which Lustmord and Robert Rich’s Stalker remains the benchmark.  

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