Eliane Radigue-Jouet Electronique/Elemental I


Early pre-ARP 2500 tape works from Eliane Radigue. “Jouet Electronique” from 1967 was created using four reel tape decks, feedback and accidents – “The Tolana reel players were among the very first machines to be commercially available at the end of the 1950s and beginning 1960s. They were not perfect but it was really their lack of precision, which almost turned them into a real instrument. It was possible . . . well, not really to control the sound, but at least you could make it grow little by little, slightly caressing certain potentiometers…”

“Elemental I” (1968) which takes up Side 2 (12’06) was created from field recordings Radigue made with her battery-powered Stellavox in and around Nice -”the sea, the wind, the rain, the fire…” which she then manipulated back in the studio. Real sounds abstracted work the same wonders focusing our attention,  realigning our heads.

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