Joe Colley-Disasters Of Self

Agitated industrial friction slowly disperses. Somewhere amidst this parsed out recording you sense deconstruction in the delicate play of static. Perhaps it’s a field recording of rain? Joe Colley, a name synonymous with sound work often coalescing within its worldly, physical structures brings out the deeper reflection in “Mirror at the End of the Road” from the three LP box set Disasters of Self.

Things don’t sit still for long. Blasts of percussive clanging rattle in the background, as if someone is rummaging for something in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere. What just happened? There’s a discourse of struggle, perhaps akin to a midlife crisis to stare at blankly. All along, a digital warble pairs with bloated bearings, a whirring battle that shakes and skips, striating the vignetted chaos into flyby rhythmic pattering. Finally things end with a note, a one-string twang that echoes in a whispery drone. In the dead of silence, one is left in the bare, open space of contemplation.  

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