Tadhi Wada-Alignment


a gorgeously executed display of upper-harmonic-series movement & the psycho-acoustic properties ofcarefully controlled tuning systems (a medal has assuredly already gone out to violinist marc sabat for his performance here ; channeling the painstaking adherence to micro-tonal accuracy of phill niblock’s music … only in a real-time, live-played setting !!!) that, halfway into each of the two given iterations, starts to affect& distort signal headed to / from your temporal & occipital lobes on a scale that transcends mereinterruption …  

alignment pairs the direct and retrograde motions of an eight violin canon in just intonation. the canongradually cycles through the first 128 pitches of the harmonic series which are transposed into one octave.

marc sabat plays all eight violin parts, resulting in a true synthesis of vision between the composer and performer.  

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