The ten pieces here are described as late night improvisations The first thing to make clear is that these tracks don’t really sound improvised at all. That description, to my thinking, implies a lack of quality whereas these arrangements are skilful and lovingly rendered.

The title track (which closes out this album) brings to mind weather patterns. This may be just my own personal interpretation, not only because it sounds rumbling, ominous yet staggeringly beautiful, but possibly also because it reminds me of Harold Budd’s Lovely Thunder. But before we reach that beautiful troposphere, we’ll travel through a variety of sonic ‘climates’. We kick things off in vaguely Durruti Column territory. The ghost of Vini Reilly (thankfully not dead) offers up a plaintive, Iberian, guitar meditation which is pulled further into a whirlpool of drone chaos as the track progresses. ‘Missing Pieces’ alters the mood somewhat with more urgency and an almost pop structure to what is still ambient IDM, for want of a nicer peg. Actually there are some soaring, angelic vocals on this and following track ‘The Blue Car’ which is even more accessible and very pretty indeed. ‘In Silence’ is very much Bark Psychosis territory and ‘Canyon’ could be something by Robin Guthrie.

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