Hexbreaker Quartet-Chemical Angel

Chemical Angel.zip


Matthews uses his homemade equipment to lay down the synth based bed on which the two horn players rest. Millrod generally plays beautiful “trumpet sounding” trumpet with a light echo effect and De Rosa plays theEVI, which is a high-tech electronic trumpet that sounds more like a synth.   

  1. Any chance of a re-up on this one?

    • speedguru
    • October 24th, 2011
    • red lipstick
    • January 26th, 2012

    speedguru i hate to even ask you this cuz i know you’ve been busy but when you do get a chance could you put this into mediafire or some place that is open to usa’ers. rapidshare, hulkshare, where ever you can. and do you have the hex breaker chemical angel too?
    I’d appreciate it if you can but don’t go crazy to do it.



      • speedguru
      • January 26th, 2012

      new link up Red.Yep my blog took a beating lost about 500 links.But what can i do? I’ll reup them if people ask but i’m not going to stress about it i’ll get them as i can.

      • speedguru
      • January 26th, 2012

      oh you asked about TOR i have a really really fast internet connection.Usually i can download 20 files at a time & in 10 minutes or less all of them are done.I use Safari for a browser.TOR runs on Firefox & if i download 10 files it takes about 30 minutes to an hour for them all to finish.I assume some of that is a Firefox thing(not a fan) & some is a proxy thing.And i have to enter my passwords & sign in every time i get off of it cause the sites including Google can’t figure out why my IP address is different.I always had accounts with multiple servers including deposit files,hot file,file sonic,file serve,megaupload,uploaded to & more.Mediafire went thru a phase where it wasn’t working for crap so i switched to Megaupload & that didn’t work out now did it? I use the proxy for The Private Revenge,Zooey & a couple new music sites to get the uploaded stuff.Seems people are switching over to Deposit Files/mediafire/mirror creator.Who knows where this will lead let’s just ride the wave as long as we can.I buy lots of music but i couldn’t possibly buy everything that is out there

  2. @speedguru thanks much for the hex. I don’t know what I’m gonna do bout the TOR thingy. I have OCD and I hate when things get all complicated and shit. Don’t know what this is all gonna bring about but I do know they’ll never be able to stop sharing. I agree with you bout riding the wave and see where this goes. I don’t buy as much music as I did when I was younger but there were years that my whole paycheck went on music. It was like an addiction. But then I got responsibilies that had to come first (children, rent, electricity, food….more shit and then more shit) and now I depend on the internet and all of you generous people that share the great music that you do. I appreciate it.

    • ed
    • October 7th, 2012

    Any chance this could be re-upped? None of these links are working for me.. would be much appreciated!

      • speedguru
      • October 23rd, 2012

      i’ll see what i can do

      • speedguru
      • October 24th, 2012


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