Applehead- Crepaxian Interligne Mixtape (Pre-Cert, 2011)

     yes somehow i actually got one of the 90 copies of this from Boomkat.The preceding vinyl is good but this tape is FANTASTIC!!! Like Goblin only better!!! And yep it’s another Halloween themed post

“*Limited to 90 copies only, packaged in a amazing looking clamshell/cartridge style pack* Following the unresolved ‘Applehead De Applehead’ LP, Tony DeVal expands the semi-fictitious Applehead mythology on Andy Votel and Demdike Stare’s first label cassette. Mixed at Villa Scott using only original European vinyl pressings, the ‘Crepaxian Interligne’ mixtape nods to the psychedelic eroticism of Guido Crepax’s comics and the soundtracks of ’80s Spanish and Italian horror films in typically enigmatic and inexplicable fashion. We couldn’t tell you the names of any tracks, even if we wanted to (you wouldn’t want Applehead on your case either, would you?), but these are the sort of cryptic sounds which conjure images of vulpine murderesses, sharp-suited sleuths, overacting obese gang bosses and the sort of more explicit blueness that would have the Daily Mail belling the BBFC. These are sounds you’ve probably never heard before, but they’ll take you right back to 1984, alone in your bedroom watching badly dubbed and outrageous foreign “muck”. Right up our alley, then!     

    • Andrew McLean
    • September 4th, 2012

    Would love if you could upload this again – heard it once but was unable to get my own copy. Keep listening to good music!

      • speedguru
      • September 25th, 2012

      going to rerip it but it will be up soon

      • speedguru
      • September 25th, 2012

      i lied.It’s up now

    • Andrew McLean
    • September 26th, 2012


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