Jonas Reinhardt-Music For The Tactile Dome

Jonas Reinhardt offers the synaesthetic salve of ‘Music For The Tactile’ on NNF. This is deepest, learned Kosmiche/Krautrock terrain, assisted by Diego Gonzalez (Bass) and Damon Palermo (Drums/Rhythm Programming) in his quest for the stars and some kind of trance truth. Quite brilliantly, their revelations are far more concise than many of their fellow explorers, like short stories as opposed to light year-long sagas. The titular opener takes longest to reach its destination, powered by harmonised energy sources and a tired kick drum engine which has carried them thus far. Both ‘Smokey Jotus’ and ‘Hander Zader’ are more space/psyche rockin’, pushed by crashing drums and squealing synth chatter, but our favourites have to be the dramatic symphonics of the alien aquatic ‘Headband Harvest’ or the glistening 3D sim-space of ‘Neukoln’

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